I’m an external lecturer at the Hamburg University of Technology. Besides several guest contributions to lectures of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Ship Theory (FDS, M-8), I’m teaching two classes on numerical simulation and Lattice Boltzmann methods.

Modellierung und Simulation maritimer System (Lehrauftrag, ab SoSe 2018)
Modeling and simulation of maritime systems
In the scope of this lecture, students learn to model and solve selected maritime problems with the help of numerical software and scripts. First, basic concepts of computational modeling are explained, from the physical modeling and discretization to the implementation and actual numerical solution of the problem. Then, available tools for the implementation and solution process are discussed, including high-level compiled programming languages on the one hand, and interpreted programming languages and computer algebra systems on the other hand. In the second half of the class, selected maritime problems will be discussed and subsequently solved numerically by the students.

Lattice-Boltzmann-Methoden für die Simulation von Strömungen mit freien Oberflächen (Lehrauftrag, ab WiSe 2018/19)
Lattice-Boltzmann methods for the simulation of free surface flows

This lecture addresses Lattice Boltzmann Methods for the simulation of free surface flows. After an introduction to the basic concepts of kinetic methods (LGCAs, LBM, ….), recent LBM extensions for the simulation of free-surface flows are discussed. Parallel to the lecture, selected maritime free-surface flow problems are to be solved numerically.

Further information can be found in Stud.IP.

Past experience

Previous activities include teaching in the fields of partial differential equations, numerical methods, and thermodynamics at Braunschweig Univ of Tech in the group of Prof. Krafczyk (2007-2010), and teaching in the fields of fluid mechanics, numerical methods, and high performance computing at Hamburg Univ of Tech in the group of Prof. Rung (2012-2017).